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Best Movers And Packers In Al Ain, House Movers and Packers in Dubai, and Professional Movers And Packers In Dubai UAE company Call us 0526411554. Welcome to the best movers and packers in Al Ain we provide relocation services all over Al Ain. Our moving and packing services affordable, professional and very reliable. We have professional staff that will totally care of your items.


Home Shifting and Relocation Company now opens a new branch for home moving services in Al Ain. As you know Al Ain is very famous and green city of the United Arab Emirates. Its also called the Garden City due to beautiful of the area and green grass everywhere. Mostly people living in Business men and locals of the nation. When they want to move their house, villa and apartments from one location to another, they always seeks professional moving company. Fast House Movers and Packers in Al Ain now serving in this green city. We are expert and professional for all kinds of home moving and villa movers services in very reasonable prices. Our team is fully trained and certified from the IKEA and Home Centers and 2 XL furniture companies.


After using our home moving services in Al Ain, you will realize that you are right to hire a perfect and professional movers. We work very perfect and under the supervision of our expert team leaders. The team leader always looks after all the process of villa moving or apartment moving. Al Ain is very attractive and loving place where the peoples going for living and business. Fast Movers always with them for providing the excellent moving services. Relocation is very pain full and a stress full day, but hire professionals to give you very easy and excellent moving service in very affordable price.Find Best Easy Truck Services in Dubai We will make your moving day very easy and tension free. Providing you bubble wrapping, packing boxes, cover trucks and furniture installation and removing services.

Moving of houses, offices or any other places and items are very complicated and stressful. But if you want to get rid of the headache then you have to hire movers in Al Ain who will provide their best services with guarantee and responsibility.

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Types of movers in Al Ain

We provide all types of moving services like residential and commercial for houses and offices. The use of high quality packing materials is strong point because the main purpose of our company management is to become the most professional movers in Al Ain.

There are a lot of moving companies working but make sure to choose the professional and licensed company otherwise you will get trouble.

Why? Because nowadays, we receive too many complaints against movers and packers services but after we check its company details, some of them are not fully registered companies and so their moving trucks too.

Unregistered businesses are not allowed to operate and it is on our law that’s why we should choose movers in Al Ain which has legitimacy to operate.

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House movers and packers in Al Ain

We provide all kind of movers and packers services in Al Ain but the most prioritize service is for houses, because Al Ain is residential area and there’s a lot of people who live here.

We can give them a full moving and packing services if they have plan to move their house furniture around Al Ain. We will pack their belongings safe and secured and deliver it to their desired location on time.

We assure that we will manage their moving in a very convenient and safe process. We provide our best and professional house shifting services in Al Ain and all over UAE.

Worry no more about moving your house furniture and you don’t have any tools or trucks that you can use because house movers in Al Ain are willing to help you.

We are professional in this field and this is why you should let us manage your stuffs whenever you will be doing relocation. We provide trucks which come in different sizes to load all of your furniture and deliver it.

We have a lot of trucks that you can use, if you need to 2 or more trucks to transfer them then we can provide you that. This is to ensure the safety of your furniture and appliances so that they won’t get damages and scratches because of moving.

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Bedroom with living room moving

If you have just one bedroom and you need movers and packers then we are the right fit to perform this job for you. We do all kinds of bedroom packing, dismantling and fixing services. Clothes and kitchen utensils packing are included in our package.

We use the very high quality packing materials to wrap everything in your house and then unpack and fix in new location. The living room items like sofa, dining table, tea table, computer table, carpet are also included in this package.

Full villa movers in Al Ain

As you know about our company that our services are mostly for villas and houses. If you have a big family and your requirements are to shift all of your villa items like furniture, appliances, living room items, kitchen items then we provide full services with responsibility.

Make sure that we also provide lady workers who will manage your clothes packing, unpacking and kitchen utensils setting. We will give you 100% responsibility that your all items will be safe and incase of any inconvenience our team will be responsible as a professional movers and packers in Al Ain.

We also provide services for buy and sell of used furniture in Abu Dhabi if you want to get rid of some of your furniture and appliances.

We all know how villas big are, some of them has 3 bedrooms but most of them has 5 bedrooms and this is why they hire movers and packers who can help them with their moving.

It will be really a stressful work if you will be the only one who will do the moving especially when you have a lot of furniture that you need to pack and deliver to your new location. It consumes a lot of time and if you have work or you are busy always then you cannot really make your move happen.

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Our Villa Movers in Al Ain are experts with this and they will help you with that matter. They will provide all the things that you need for your villa moving. From packing your furniture, they will use the appropriate packaging materials to ensure the safety of them while transferring.

They will also dismantle and fix your furniture. Once all your stuffs have been loaded in the moving trucks that they provide, they will deliver it to your next location.

No need to worry after that because they will be the one to unload your furniture, unpack them, and reassemble them. Sounds good, right? So just leave all your worries to us and we can handle it and give you best services that you need.

Office movers and packers

All kinds of offices and IT system moving services expert team is available with us. We are able to shift all official items like computer systems, servers, computer tables, chairs, meetible tables, file cabinets etc.

We have separate team for office moving especially who are well-trained for the office systems. It’s not possible for any common moving company in Al Ain to shift office items but don’t worry as i explained our team is very professional and experts.

Special boxes for files and important data available and our team mark each item to be fix in new office on correct place.

We also have services for used furniture in Dubai buy sell like if you are have any branch in Dubai and there you have used furniture and you want to sell it. Don’t worry just contact us our team will give you the best price for your items.

Local moving in Al Ain

We do local moving within Al Ain. Al Ain is a residential city and many of the nationals are living here. Our services are house and villa moving. All kinds of luxury, royal, modern, Italian, and locally made furniture dismantling and fixing.

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Furniture is very expensive and you should hire a professional moving company in Al Ain which has well-trained carpenters. And we have the most professional furniture carpenters. They will dismantle and fix the furniture without any damage with a guarantee.

Local moving like shifting from one villa to another in the same city or Emirate. This kind of moving does not last long because there is no long distance. But our company workers are super fast. They can shift to a full villa within a day or a half.

Long-distance moving

As we have big box covered moving trucks long distance moving is very easy for us. Our team dismantles, pack the furniture, and load it in trucks by allocating the proper place for specific items in trucks.

This kind of moving is longer last than local moving because the distance is the main delay in work. But you don’t need to worry if you hire professional movers and packers in Al Ain for your long-distance moving.

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Our supervisor gives fix time to the customers to reach in the new location if there is no delay by road traffic. You will get your items within a day in your new house without any damage.

Our vehicles are well-designed which can carry all kinds of items properly. There is no leak in the upper side if there is rain and dust on the roads. Mostly we put thermocol sheets in furniture and appliances to support the weight of each other in long-distance moving.

Premium quality of packing materials for house moving Al Ain

The company uses premium and high-quality packing materials for house items packing. These items are moving boxes, bubble wrap, stretch film roll, carton roll, fabric blankets, polythene sheets, packaging peanuts, foam, etc.

As trusted movers and packers in Al Ain company purchase these items from a well-known manufacturing company to ensure the safety of clients’ assets. Packing materials are most important for moving it can prevent major damage to your items.

Our team organizes appropriate packing materials for houses and offices moving. Supervisors monitor the worker’s performance if they don’t use the specific packing materials for specific like commercial or residential moving.

What are the usages of different packing materials for the specific items?

There are a lot of packing materials but without professional movers and packers in Al Ain, it’s not possible to use for the specific items. Our team knows which materials protect the furniture and appliances, etc.

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Usage of moving boxes

Moving boxes are made of cardboard which has different sizes like small, medium, large, and hanger. These boxes use by moving companies in Al Ain to pack all household small items. These are 5 plies boxes which are enough strong to protect any kind of items while moving.

House items like clothes, shoes, kitchen items, small decoration items, food items, grocery items, books, etc packed in moving boxes.

You can get moving boxes before one week of your moving. If you have some personal items which you think are good to pack by yourself.

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Usage of stretch film roll

Stretch film roll is good for wrapping furniture, appliances, and carton boxes. We use stretch film roll once we properly pack the furniture in fabric blankets. It is used to protect the packing of items like its use after blankets, bubble roll, carton boxes, and carton roll.

As best movers in Al Ain we ensure the quality of service by strong and protective packing for furniture and home appliances.

Usage of air bubble roll

Bubble roll is a very beneficial invention in the field of packing. Moving companies use this material to protect fragile and glass items. The air inside the plastic bubbles covers items to prevent damage.

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If movers pack multiple kitchen items in one box they wrap each item with a bubble roll and put it in one box. It can protect mirrors, glass doors, glass tables, bottles, etc.

Our moving company in Al Ain uses bubble roll in all moving works. Don’t worry about your fragile items we have the best solution.

How to choose the best and professional movers and packers Al Ain?

There are so many things that a consumer should consider when acquiring services but make sure to read this carefully so you can choose who are the best movers for you.

Reading reviews from the internet, asking some friends who have experience in moving can be your way on how will you choose the right movers and packers in Al Ain.

The first thing you need to consider when looking shifting services is that they should have professional movers and packers to execute their work properly. With this, we assure that our staffs are well- trained to be able to do their work and provide the needs of their clients.

The second thing you need to consider is the location. The movers should know the right routes on how they will go to your location or the new location wherein the furniture will be delivered.

This will lessen the lost or misplacement of your valuables. As a best movers we ensure that our customers are happy with our work and that includes the delivering of furniture safely and on time.

The third will be the rate of your moving. Of course, we value our furniture and we don’t want to see any damages or scratches just because of your relocation.

But, we also want it to be cheap so if you’re looking for a moving company where you want a safe moving with the cheap price then we are also the cheap movers and packers in Al Ain. You don’t have to worry about anything because we will give you best moving services in a budget – friendly rate.

In our company, we are a team of professional movers and packers and we have one goal and it is to give our clients a best service in their moving process. We treat everyone as our family and we always have teamwork so we can be able to finish it perfectly.

Rest assured that all of your worries will turn into happiness and we will exceed your expectation once you choose us to be your partner in your moving. We, movers and packers will never let you feel any doubt and stress as we will surely provide you best moving services in Al Ain.

Why do the Al Ain citizens love our services and hire our team?

We provide trusted moving services to our clients they trust because we ensure the quality and safety of work. We offer fair moving prices according to the type of moving.

We have proper uniformed professionals like supervisors, furniture carpenters, packing helpers, and office team.

Clients recommend our services to the neighbors, relatives, and friends if they ever need house movers and packers in Al Ain.

We have satisfied customers because our services are punctual we finish on a fixed time. If the team finishes work earlier we ask clients if they need any more help.

The company working all over UAE we have the most professional and expert handyman workers for all kinds of house and office furniture moving.

Our 60% of work comes from Arabic UAE nationals. They trust us and we do the best work in a better way.

Our main focus is on our customer satisfaction. We leave the place once the client says OK appreciated then we do a service charge.

Responsibility and insurance:

The company has an insurance plan which covers all kinds of furniture and home appliances. As best movers we are responsible for any kind of damage to your assets.

If anything breaks in furniture and appliances the supervisor solves the issue according to the client’s expectation.

There are no serious issues in the company’s work history but if unfortunately, the workers damage the items. The supervisor will repair or replace it with brand new in the same match.

Relocation Main Services

Furniture and appliances dismantling

If you need to move furniture from your home and offices then you really need to hire movers and packers that can help you especially if you have a lot of furniture.

If you have a lot of stuffs at home like wardrobes, tables, cabinets that won’t fit in your doorways and hallways then it really needs to dismantle first before to be pack.

In dismantling furniture, you really need to be careful of the each part and piece of your valuables because you need to put them back together once they reach you new location.

If you are busy with you work and you don’t have enough time to do these things then it would be a lot easier if you hire movers and packers in Al Ain that will help you in your moving process.

If there’s a need of dismantling of furniture, then we can provide it to our customer. We measure the doorways and the furniture that are need to be move in order to know which furniture will be dismantled first before packing. We required dismantling of furniture to prevent them to have damage.

Furniture and other items packing

Packing of furniture is really a hard thing to do especially when you only have limited time and materials to use. Hiring movers and packers can help you pack your furniture in a proper and fastest way.

You don’t have to think about on how you will buy packaging materials because they will be the one to provide it for you.

As we are providing the best moving services in Al Ain, we don’t just pack your belongings but we pack them with care and using our high quality packaging materials.

We have carton boxes where you can put your small stuffs and appliances, tapes to sealed them, bubble wraps for fragile materials, and a lot more packaging tools to ensure that the furniture in your home or office are all safe while transporting.

Furniture, appliances and curtains fixing

Fixing of furniture comes next once it finally reached your new location. If you think dismantling is already hard to do then fixing too. You need to bring back your furniture on how they used to be before you dismantle it.

What if you can’t bring it back? What if you lost the other parts of it? It will be a waste of money and time because you can’t use it anymore if you can’t fix it.

In our offered services, it includes the fixing of furniture. You don’t have to worry about on how you will fix it because we’ll be the one to do it for you and rest assured that we will bring all your dismantled furniture to how they used to be in safe and without damages.